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Penalty Cup rules – Girls Cup Maastricht – June 8th - 9th 2019

All penalties are taken at a distance of 11 meters from a normal field goal (width 7.2 meters). Field 6 is the field where the penalties are taken.

The goalkeepers are provided by VV Scharn, two each for a goal.

There is one practise round of shooting for all team members (players).

All players shoot their penalties in one series opposite the VV Scharn keeper, in the first series until all players have taken one penalty, and then the first series is finished.

Then the second series starts, with the same goalkeeper, and only those players that were successful in the first round, will take their second penalty in the same order of appearance.

All scores are tabulated : 1 for a successful penalty kick, 0 for an unsuccessful penalty kick. Only scoring players proceed to the next round, until only one player is the winner.

The end score is the name of the winner who will represent the team in the final.

All teams will thus have one player who must participate in the FINALS of the PENALTY CUP, which will be held in the evening of the First Day of the Girls Cup Maastricht 2017.

Best shooters go to FINALS: After the preliminary round a final round will be held for all individual team-winners for each category. There are finals for all categories WO, G17, G15 and G13/8.

The FINAL shoot out will be held on the first day of the tournament ( Saturday May 19, 2018 at approx. 18.00 hours on Field 1). Immediately afterwards, the prize ceremony will be held in the Clubhouse at the Venue of VV Scharn, where only the winners of each category will be awarded a Penalty Cup Trophy.

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